Coaching Testimonials

As a Life Coach I am humbled beyond words by the testimonials I receive from those I have the privilege to serve. I give God all the glory for the amazing outcomes these people have experienced. He has given me a gift to hear their hearts and their hurts and to use His wisdom to speak into their lives.

“I started working with Laura after the sudden and tragic passing of my father. During our sessions Laura unpacks biblical truths and applies them directly to my life; where I am most in need of healing. These sessions are Holy Spirit led and inspired. She helps me take the necessary steps towards healing and provides an environment in which I can be real and speak from the heart. We open and close our sessions in prayer and re-affirm what God’s purpose and direction for my life is, even in the midst of multiple tragedies. She is truly a healer and God is using her to touch our world with His love and His peace. I cannot recommend her enough.” W.S.

“I met Laura through a friend and immediately knew there was something very special about her. She possesses and exhibits an abiding hope and peace that is a powerful and life changing influence. Laura’s humility, insight, and deep understanding have helped me to recognize and better understand my patterns and motivations. Laura has enthusiastically accepted the calling to help others and is living it out in every aspect of her life. Her presence and investment in my life has made an eternal difference in not only me, but in the people around me as well. Laura is a treasure who’s value is far above rubies.” T.H.

“This is my second round with Coach Laura and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results I am seeing again. She is truly gifted and most definitely Spirt led.  Always starts each session with inviting the Holy Spirit to lead her and guide her.  I HIGHLY recommend Coach Laura for coaching. I can honestly say that I am making emotional progress and that means I am getting healthier and happier. To God be all the glory!!”  A.A

“As a mental health therapist, I had insight about my emotions, I knew my triggers, and had identified unhealthy coping skills that I wanted to stop doing; but I was struggling to identify the root cause and formulate solutions. Speaking with Laura, was pleasant and effective. She attentively listened, provided reflections, and quickly helped me identify the underlying root. I am thankful for the recommendations she provided. She is truly gifted and Holy Spirit led. I would highly recommend her for inner healing and spiritual enrichment.” J.D.

My story is a funny one because I didn’t even believe in coaching…until I met Chaplain Laura. To put it briefly, I reached out to her to see if she would give me some spiritual counsel. She began to coach me and each week I felt a glimmer of healing and hope.

I absolutely believe in the healing work that God does through Chaplain Laura! She is a woman who is kind but who tells it to you straight. She carries herself with authority and speaks to the heart of everyone – telling them what they need to hear. I can honestly say I am happy and that I feel the most free than I have for many, many years.” B.E.

“I am forever grateful God put Chaplain Laura in my life. She is my number 1 person I turn to in difficult times. I know above all else that she will always direct me in the way of Truth. No matter what the issue is, she has a unique ability to help me see a higher perspective. The guidance I receive from her is priceless!!! I would not be who I am today without her loving, patient, and compassionate heart. Thank you Chaplain Laura for always being there for me, ready, willing and able to help me on my walk with Christ. You are the epitome of a Godly woman and I am blessed to have you in my life.” N.A.B.

“I had tried so many different methods of therapy (talk therapy, christian counseling, regular counseling, prayer, psychotherapy, et al) and while I made some progress here and there I never seemed to be able to get to the root of what was going on. I made some progress for periods of time, but I kept finding myself repeating behaviors or going back to the same ways of thinking and old and or past patterns of behaviors. Until I met Laura! This Jesus-centered coaching has been a game changer and it has given me a hope as I am getting to the deepest roots of what is going on in my heart. Laura is guiding me weekly and teaching me tools to work through any and every issue that comes my way. I feel more empowered than I have in a long time and maybe ever and no matter my current life circumstance I am loved, accepted and empowered to work through any and every issue with and through the love and support from my Heavenly Father! Through biblical meditations and prayer, talk therapy, online video resources, reading and weekly calls (because I am out of town), Laura is leading me on a life altering, game changing journey of healing and hope! If you are tired, burned out, exhausted, and or annoyed of being on the repetitive emotional treadmill of life like I have been on and we all face at times in life, do not walk but run to Laura! It is hard work and worth every ounce of work to get to the place of healing.” S.A.

“JESUS said, “… and then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” i surrendered to THE TRUTH in 2002, but how come i still wasn’t really free? Free from the ghosts of my past, my punishing self-talk, my inability to connect with people or situations, my sadness and belief of being such a waste – all lurking beneath the surface of me. Well, because JESUS doesn’t lie, the “problem” had to be within me, but where? Even though i may have looked “happy” on the outside i was miserable, disconnected, and withering away on the inside. i couldn’t understand why my performance, or my belief in JESUS, or my outward dedication to GOD could not unlock these truths – something had to happen on the inside – the place that i was hoping id never have to ever go to again. The truth was i had no voice; i suppressed pain; i didn’t know how to work through problems; i was overcome with shame and had resigned to comply to get by. Inner healing is helping me discover who i am and embrace her. Through inner healing i am learning to find my voice and use it the way it was intended to be used. It’s not behavior modification. Inner healing is a visit back to those scary places to discover how events of my life have shaped me; unravel the lies from the truth of those events; and to understand them for what they are while learning proper ways to process and proceed based on the truth of what is happening now. The freedom found in this process has brought about a confidence to trust who i am in the relationships or circumstances that i am in because I’m essential to this life I’ve been given. My voice matters, my perspective matters, my choices matter, my actions matter – i matter!!! – and I’m learning to be engaged instead of feeling like i do not belong. The truth will set you free and my hope is that you will be brave and do the hard work for your own freedom. More than anything, your own soul wants to be free, but more than even that, THE ONE who created you wants you free.” B.S.

“Since I have been under the care of Coach Laura I have experienced much progress. I’m gonna be honest…this is very hard work, but it’s well worth it. Laura never leaves you feeling alone to deal with your chaos. She is there constantly checking in, praying for you (which is really important), giving you assignments that will cause you to dig deeper, and she does everything under the influence of the Holy Spirit leading her. I have much work to be done still, but every day I look forward to my time alone with God and the continuation of my healing thanks to Laura. I HIGHLY recommend Coach Laura as a Life Coach.” A.A.

“I have to say that coaching with Laura has been the cornerstone of my recovery. Her brutally honest, but ever so gentle and loving revealing of my deep wounds, coupled with her passion for the love of Jesus, allowed me to finally begin to recover. Her gentle ability to see through the weeds and the fruit, and bring to light the root of my hurts, gave me the confidence to face and work through them. Words cannot describe the gratitude I have for her passion for the hearts of hurting women.” R.M.

“I am a former client of Laura’s. We did an inner healing course for 9 months, she is very knowledgeable and compassionate in this area. She was a tremendous help to me and this experience changed my life. I suffered extreme trauma from a young age and used drugs for many years. I never thought I could have peace in my life. The hurt was so intense and well buried!! Yet Laura made me feel comfortable and encouraged me even when sessions were very difficult and I wanted to quit, she was right there the whole way holding my hand, giving me a hug and praying with and for me. She was my biggest cheerleader, so anyone who needs healing I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for the task, she truly loves helping people heal.” M.R.

“Working with Chaplain Laura was life changing for me. The healing that took place in my life is beyond what I can ever express. 1 yr ago I was hopeless. Riddled with anxiety. I had already been sober over 2 years but still had so much trauma to get through. My marriage was at a breaking point and though I knew God, there was a block. We were able to have a major breakthrough. Since coaching with her my life is drastically different. I smile, I laugh, I feel loved and I love. My marriage has been restored. The trauma I endured in life left me feeling like God was for everyone but that He was against me. What a lie that was from the enemy. I have learned my identity in Christ. I am a warrior, a warrior for Christ. The trauma I had lived through with men and held against my husband, though he had no hand in it, were debilitating. Now, I can be intimate with him. I can hug him, we can enjoy each other’s company without my being terrified. My fears of not being the perfect mother and my constant overwhelming anxiety has been healed. I am able to rise up and do what needs to be done without running away being an option. I have been healed. I am able to conquer life with God by my side. I received more healing and growth working with Laura than anything else I have done. She is always able to lovingly guide me into a new perspective and open my eyes to the Truth. My life is different because of her, my life is better. A year ago I never would have thought I would be where I am today. My life is better than I ever thought possible. I love her dearly and am grateful for all of the time and love she poured into me. She has inspired me to always seek God and not just take the easy road. Healing is hard but it is worth it. My life is 1000 times more full than I ever thought possible.” N.A.

“My marriage was on the brink of falling apart until our coaching sessions with Laura. Through one-on-one sessions she helped me deal with hard truths that I wasn’t even aware were so deep in the past. If you want change and healing, Laura has an anointing on her life for healing that’ll bring about amazing results. I’m truly thankful to the Lord for placing such a powerful woman of God in my life.” G.P.

“It is the most “hope filled” therapy I have ever encountered and experienced. It is a “sweet relief” realizing that I finally am learning the whys behind behaviors of mine. It is both an excavating and unearthing experience of past wounds sealed by the ultimate balm – the love and healing of Jesus. This is counseling that is always pointing me back to our ultimate Counselor. I am on a voyage of self discovery, as well as spiritual and personal growth. I also get the sense I am on an adventure of relaxing into my callings and purpose in life with others. This is hard – as well as hopeful and hope-filled.” S.A.

Where do I begin? My story of needing healing actually started long before I even knew it began, and I’ve learned this from my sessions with Laura. The time I have spent with Laura has been such a blessing for me. It has allowed me to dig deep into my heart to find the root causes of my pain, my hurts, and how they have played a role in so many of my choices in life – choices that weren’t always the best for me. Through her coaching I was able to see negative patterns that have plagued me. You see, my whole life I have wanted nothing more than to love and be loved. I wasn’t able to get what I emotionally needed from my parents so I looked for love in all the wrong places, desperate to be loved, no matter what the circumstances were. I didn’t know any better, therefore I accepted love any way I could get it. This caused a domino effect in my relationships with men, my believing if I gave them myself that then they would love me, a kind of trade off. The most recent decision I made was to join a dating website. Sadly, I ignored all of Gods clear warnings, and in doing so, I was cruelly scammed by a man who wasn’t who I thought he was. He’d stolen another mans profile, pretending to live here in the U.S. but all the time he lived in Africa, fabricating a story. No one else in my family believed he was real but ME. And here’s what I learned in my inner healing journey: I was so DESPERATE to be loved that I ignored all the red flags.These may seem like simple words to you, but they were life-changing for me. I now saw the WHY of HOW I’d let this happen! This was a pattern I’d fallen into many times in my life. As far as being deceived, I was not only victimized in regards to my heart, but I also went into debt by believing that this man would pay me back. This is the reason I sought out Laura’s guidance. I felt ashamed. I couldn’t understand how I could have fallen for this scam! Laura coached me, and my heart, to push through and break free from past hurts, as well as to understand why I made the harmful choices I did. I am now better equipped to understand myself and why I react to certain circumstances. Now I can talk my way through my feelings. Laura’s love for the Lord shines through all she says and does. She truly is gifted in helping hurting hearts. Laura helps you process your thoughts and words so that they are more positive and helpful for you. Laura will walk you through, holding your hand and heart every step of the way in order to help you work through your past hurts and regrets. She will guide you and provide tools to help you through your journey.” C.E.

“I am a 34-year-old single mother to a five-year-old little girl. I have gone through a lot of sorrow in my life. I struggled with a tremendous amount of anger, guilt, hate, and resentment. I always felt anxious, worried and afraid. I started to see Chaplain Laura for grief coaching. I cannot explain to you how in two to three short months there is such a difference that has taken place in my mind and behavior. I was able to finally see things from a different point of view. I was able to finally say things that I was always feeling but didn’t know how to say. Because of confronting lies from my past, I started having dreams again, some good and some bad, but they were repressed and needed to come out. I have learned a lot of skills on how to cope with what I am going through and that it’s OK to feel what I’m feeling, its just not OK to throw a temper tantrum like a child. A lot of things that I thought I was doing for certain reasons I found out were not the reason at all. And what Chaplain Laura would point out actually made more sense. I am able to think through things a little more, or whenever I go through an emotion, I now understand how not let it take over my entire day. I know now that a lot of what I go through is learned behavior, and like Chaplain Laura says, the good thing about learned behavior is that it can be changed. As an adult, as a Christian woman, and as a mother, I can choose a better reaction. I now take a second to feel what I feel, but then look at the big picture and calm down. Things have even gotten better between me and my daughter now that I know how to treat her better. I finally began to deal with resentment that I didn’t even know I had. I believe this journey is not done, but I have started something great, and I am forever grateful to her for that. I have been to many different places to try to find healing and this is the only time that I feel I have finally found what works. I have found growth in myself. I can’t thank God enough for putting such an amazing person on this earth. I also feel like it was the perfect timing of God. I thank Chaplain Laura for our time together. Through coaching I got my voice back, and in doing so, I got my life back. I am not the same woman that walked into that first session. May ALL the glory be to God.” J.G.

“Coaching has been very eye opening. This process has revealed to me a lot of why I do what I’ve done. I am so grateful for the care and compassion that I have received through this journey and my heart has felt safe. I rejoice in knowing that this is only the beginning and that God is completing His good work in me. Thank you so much Laura for taking your time and being God’s hands and feet and guiding me through this!” E.A.

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