Inner Healing Coaching

From a one-time inner healing session to a 2-month coaching program, we offer what you need.

I am pleased to announce my partnership with Impact Family Christian Counseling Network. This is a group of dedicated coaches and therapists who provide services for individuals and family needs. If you are interested in a one-on-one coaching call, versus a coaching program, please check out this link:

Two Month Coaching Program

As a Christ-centered inner healing coach, I believe one of the best assets I provide for my clients is that I am a disruptor with positive influence! At the core of everything within our hearts is this truth: all of us want to be loved and to belong. Inner healing is primarily about going into the wounded places of our soul and bringing the love of Jesus into the spaces where we feel unloved and where we feel more like spiritual orphans rather than the beloved children of God. Inviting Jesus into those broken places changes everything! He brings life to dead places. He brings light where dark shadows have ruled. He brings a holy silence where there has been a cacophony of anguished cries. Inner healing is about having intentional conversations with an intentional destination in mind. It’s about digging deep and discovering who we truly are and who God means for us to be. If you are ready to begin your own inner healing journey, please contact me. I am happy to provide you with a complimentary discovery call and answer any questions you may have.

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