Kingdom Coaching for the Mind and Soul!

I truly believe that the best conversations are those that are grounded on the principles of God’s Kingdomhence I love to have Kingdom Conversations with hungry hearts. God is a healer – so whether its a healing needed for our hurting heart, a broken relationship, ill health or lack of finances, the Lord is the One we turn to for answers. I coach from the position of having lived through many difficult experiences to having served countless men and women who have come through suffering. Through each of these trials there have been timeless divine principles that have carried us through. My type of coaching is designed to help a person discover where they are stuck, and through experience and biblical wisdom, assist them to a place called ‘full’. From a one-time 90 minute session to 8 weeks of ongoing coaching, you can choose what best fits your needs. To connect with me on social media, please visit my Facebook page, Laura Dahne and on Instagram at @lauradahne.

There are times when everyone just needs a fresh and biblical perspective for what they are going through, right? I am confident that our time together is sure to provide revelation, clarity of thinking and a few ‘aha’ moments.

Working together multiple times is so ideal because it allows me to discover the negative and unscriptural lies that live inside a person’s heart. I know that these things keep them stuck. My goal is to inspire everyone to get UNstuck so that they can live FULL…PrayerFULL, JoyFULL, HopeFULL, PlayFULL!

From personal experience I know that transformational healing is a result of having intentional conversations with an intentional destination of wholeness in mind. It’s about having a willingness to go deep and discover what is holding us back. As a Kingdom-focused coach, I know that at times it’s important, although painful, to look back to our past in order to confront old wounds, but this is sometimes necessary for the sake of grieving them in order to finally let them go. Yes, at times it’s important to go into the past for the sake of getting past our past – but it’s also about looking ahead and taking action steps to move you into the abundant life God desires you to have! Can you tell that I’m passionate about this?

If you are ready to have a Kingdom Conversation, please take a few moments to check out my Testimonial page from some of my current and former clients. Do you have questions about what Kingdom-focused coaching would look like for you? No problem! Simply reach out to me and my team by email at Laura@LiveFull.Coach. We’d love to have a conversation with you and answer any questions you have.

Because every person is unique, I provide different coaching prices. Except for the one-time 90 minute coaching call, coaching sessions are for the duration of 8 weeks. I provide every opportunity for a person to choose a pricing and timeline that work best for them – whether weekly or bi-weekly. I also allow my coaching clients to pay at the end of each session, rather than in a lump sum before our 8 weeks of coaching begins.

Payments for sessions can be made through PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or Cash App.

I provide a complimentary 30 minute coaching call for every potential client seeking transformation for the mind and soul. Is that person you? This time together gives me the ability to hear what you need and to see if I am a good fit for what you are hoping to achieve. If you are interested in setting up an appointment for a complimentary call, please text or call 786-493-1738. You’ve got nothing to lose…except getting UNstuck!


$60 1 hour TELEPHONE session. This is ideal for the person who wants to understand the ‘why’ of their choices and who wants to have insight into ongoing behavior or thoughts. These sessions allow for discovery and an action plan for living FULL. Highlights and important notes regarding our time together will be sent by text or email after each of our sessions.

$75 1 hour VIDEO session. Same as above, but by video along with recorded audio of our session.

$90 1 1/2 Hour TELEPHONE session. Highly recommended for the first-time coaching call as well as for the person who is ready to dig deep and explore their emotional and spiritual health. Highlights and important notes regarding our time together are sent by text or email after each session.

$105 1 1/2 Hour VIDEO session. Same as above, but by video, along with the addition of recorded audio after each of our sessions.

I do my absolute best to ensure that every potential client has the opportunity to receive this type of coaching at a price that is affordable. At various times there are scholarships available for those that are in desperate financial need.* In that case, their name will go on a list – first come, first served basis.

* If you value this type of coaching and would like to provide financial resources for a someone who cannot afford it on their own, please go to our DONATE button and make a contribution. You will be helping to change a life!

Don’t hesitate to let me know how I can serve you! Love and blessings, Laura

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