Inner Healing Coaching

From a one-time only inner healing coaching session to numerous ongoing coaching sessions, you can choose what best fits your need. To connect on social media, please visit my Facebook page, Laura Dahne Inner Healing Coach and Author.

There are times when everyone just needs a fresh and biblical perspective for what they are going through. Our time together is sure to provide revelation, clarity of thinking and a few ‘aha’ moments!

Ongoing Coaching

Working together multiple times is ideal because it allows me to understand the patterns and the hidden core pain that lives inside a persons heart. In addition, as an experienced inner healing coach, I believe one of the best assets I provide for my clients is that I am a disruptor with positive influence! I know that at the core of everything is this truth: all of us want to be loved, to be at peace, and to belong. Each of us have been created by God with four important and basic needs: Acceptance. Identity. Purpose. Safety.

Inner healing is primarily about daring to go into the wounded places of our soul – with the help of the Holy Spirit – in order to achieve the revelation of God’s love for us. Inner healing is about inner freedom! It about daring to shine the light into the heart-spaces where we feel unloved – where we feel more like spiritual orphans rather than the beloved adopted children of God – and discovering new levels of freedom spiritually, emotionally, and even physically. Our emotions can indeed make us sick!

Inner healing is about having intentional conversations with an intentional destination of wholeness in mind. It’s about digging deep and discovering what is holding us back. It’s about discovering false belief systems that are running, and ruining, our thought patterns and learning how to retrain our mind to think new thoughts – thereby creating fresh and more hope-filled belief systems. If you are ready to begin your own inner healing journey, please let me know. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Please make sure to check out my Testimonial page also. For more information on inner healing please reach out to me at

Because every woman is unique and has specific needs, I provide different coaching prices and number of times working together. While I highly recommend coaching for at least 8 weeks, I provide every opportunity for a woman to choose a pricing and timeline that work best for her. Payments for sessions can be made through PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or Cash App.

I provide a 20-60 minute complimentary Discovery call to every potential coaching client. This gives me the ability to hear what a person’s need is and to see if I would be a good fit for them. If you are interested in setting up an appointment for a Discovery call, please text or call me at 786-493-1738.


$30 for each 30 minute telephone session. This option is ideal for the woman on a budget who is wanting to work through some light issues that are happening in the moment. This option is available for clients I have worked with in the past as I then have a better understanding of them, their life situations and their thought patterns, etc. (This option is not available for a first-time coaching session since it does not afford the coaching client adequate time to share important details and to also receive feedback.)

$60 for each 1 hour telephone session. This is ideal for the woman who wants to work a little deeper into the ‘why’ of her choices and who wants to have insight into ongoing behavior or thoughts.

$90 for each 90 minute session, in person or over telephone. Highly recommended for the first-time coaching call as well as for the woman who is dealing with many deep-seated hurts and is ready to invest in her emotional and spiritual health. This session is ideal for the person who wants to begin coaching – as a lot of ground can be covered – and she is able to then drop down to the 60 or 30 minute sessions if desired. Also, this option is ideal for someone looking for a one-time coaching call only.

I do my absolute best to ensure that every potential coachee has the opportunity to receive this type of coaching at a price that is affordable. At various times there are scholarships available for clients that are in desperate financial need.* In that case, their name will go on a list – first come, first served basis.

* If you value this type of coaching and would like to provide financial resources for a woman who cannot afford it on her own, please go to our DONATE button and make a contribution. You will be helping to change a life!

Don’t hesitate to let me know how I can serve you! Love and blessings, Laura

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