I love helping women sort out the trash from the treasure within their garden hearts! Needless to say, there are countless times I provide coaching services to those who do not have the finances to purchase them on their own yet are in desperate need of them! It was recommended that I add a DONATE button for those visitors and friends who have known the JOY that inner healing provides – and who want to provide a woman with an opportunity to receive complimentary coaching. If you would like to sponsor such a woman, would you please consider providing a small donation? Likewise, if you have found either of my books, The Master Gardener or A Broken-Winged Eagle, to be written expressions of God’s beautiful message of love and healing, would you consider making a donation towards someone in need receiving a complimentary copy of one or both books? Together as partners, we can spread the message of inner healing even further. After all, inner healing is a beautiful thing and is something to be highly desired!

Donation opportunities are in $20 increments.

These donations will be used exclusively in helping a woman experience inner healing and restoration.


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