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A Broken-Winged Eagle

A Broken-Winged Eagle: My NEWEST Release! Inner healing IS possible. Grief and loss take a tremendous toll on the human heart; yet, the unshakable promise of God is that the human heart can, in time, be lifted up to brand new heights. Using biblical truths, A Broken-Winged Eagle reveals how we are to respond to those experiencing grief. It also provides hope for those experiencing the pain of brokenness in their lives.


The Master Gardener

Much like the imaginative storytelling done by C.S. Lewis in The Chronicles of Narnia, The Master Gardener offers the humor and whimsy of an allegory, the insight of ageless wisdom, and the vivid symbolism of Christ's tender love for us. Come take a walk into a fairytale garden that is as close as your very own heart.


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