'Kingdom Conversation' Workshops

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Emotional Detox for the Soul
“Wisdom is like honey for your life…”

Proverbs 24:14

I would love to bring a Kingdom Conversation workshop to your church, business, small group or upcoming women’s event.

The length of each workshop can be tailored to fit the need of the group being served – anywhere from 1 hour to an all-day session.

References from pastors and leaders who have brought me in as a guest speaker are happily provided on request.

The Lady in Red Together we will take a look at the woman in Mark 5, the woman with the issue of blood. She has much to teach us, beginning with what she continually said and believed! This message goes way beyond just physical healing, but into the realm of every healing our lives need – inner, relational, and financial as well. In our time together we will see how Jesus, who is no respector of persons, is still providing healing today. What was her secret? It’s important to discover it so that we can do what she did!

“Hurry Up, Jesus!” In this workshop of faith, we will take a look at Jairus who came to Jesus to experience a miracle – only to find Jesus willing to be interrupted. To Jairus it must have seemed as if Jesus forgot about him! Sometimes we also feel that Jesus is not paying enough careful attention to our immediate needs and emergencies. Together we will look at the divine principle of ‘wait’.

Restoration In Pain
Are you sick and tired of hurting? Do you believe that there is a healing for your hurting heart? These sessions focus on how to get out of the pain and into the biblical promise of living an abundant life. Inner healing is not that we don’t feel pain anymore, it’s that we are able to process the pain and own the pain instead of the pain owning us. This session seeks to answer how the heart gets wounded and provides biblical and practical steps to move out of the pain and into healing.

“Let Me Help You! How to Become an Inner Healing Helper
This session includes The Art of Listen! The 8 people You Can’t Help…Yet! and The 5 Steps That Lead Someone to Greater Emotional and Spiritual Freedom. Insightful and inspiring. This session is designed to equip you in becoming more effective as a helper and to make your healing work with others more effortless.

UNstuck: Aspiring to Live FULL
What do you aspire to be: Playful? Prayerful? Hopeful? Grateful? This session focuses on helping a person to find where they are “stuck’ so that they can begin to live a life that is meaningFULL.

Seeking Silence: Smashing the Clock
Silence is the classroom of Solitude. Jesus often ‘went away’ to seek solitude because in that place He met with God – both to listen and to ask (pray). Seeking solitude and silence is an act of intention and God always rewards a seeker. As God is not stingy with His gifts, His covenant people are not to be stingy towards God with their time. Time is the most precious commodity man has. It is infinitely more precious than money. Time, apart from God, is not redeemable. You cannot make “more time” but God absolutely can redeem time for you! The more time we spend with Him, it may appear we are doing less, but the opposite is actually true! Using my prayer notes and my own personal experience to draw on I discuss the WHY of silence and the HOW. The goal is for each person attending the session to leave with their own personalized plan on how to pursue Him in Silence.

The Master Gardener
If your heart were a garden, how would you describe it? Productive and fruitful or withering and arid? Using practical, biblical and humorous insights from my book, The Master Gardener, as its author I take you on a walk through a garden that is as close as your very own heart. The companion book to this Kingdom Conversation session is available for purchase for those attending the session.

The Other “F” Word: Forgiveness
Looking through the lens of mercy, this workshop explores what forgiveness truly is, what it truly isn’t, and how we can release it, no matter the hurt. In this session we’ll take a biblical and in-depth walk through the life of Mephibosheth.

What Do I Do With All This Hurt? Hope and Healing for Times of Loss
At any given moment there is someone going through a time of tremendous loss. It might be a loss through the death of someone they love, a divorce they didn’t want, a health issue that is threatening their life or even a financial loss. There are so many things that rock our world! When our life as we know it is knocked off its axis, where can we turn? What can we do? These sessions bring out biblical and helpful insights from my latest book, A Broken-Winged Eagle. The companion book to this Kingdom Conversation session is available for purchase for those attending.

“Let Me Comfort You!” How to Really Help Someone Going Through a Time of Loss
This session is designed to bring out biblical and helpful insights from my latest book, A Broken-Winged Eagle. Most people want to help but simply don’t know what to say or when they should say it. The companion book to this Kingdom Conversation session is available for purchase for those attending.

Getting the Lead Out of the Leader
Everyone is a leader. Leadership is about influence and we are all influencing continuously. Many people fear leading because they’re not really sure how to or have only seen negative examples. Using acronyms for the word LEADER, these sessions focus on why great leadership is so desperately needed and how great leadership can be accomplished. Whether you are leading as a parent or as a CEO this Kingdom Conversation session will equip and illuminate.

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