About Laura

If I had to describe what I’m authentically about, I guess I’d have to say that it’s in helping wounded hearts receive the restoration that is possible through the transformative love of God. As a Christ-centered inner healing coach, I have helped many women get to the root issues of their hidden core pain. I’ve been honored, and humbled, to have been a featured speaker at many women’s conferences. My love for God’s Word has positioned me to be considered a knowledgeable bible study teacher. An honor indeed! For eight years I served as Chaplaincy Director at The Agape Network in Miami, Florida. This exhilarating and sometimes exhausting role allowed me to work closely with hundreds of hurting women who were caught in the painful cycle of severe addiction, many of which were brought on by early childhood trauma. Through the sharing of the glorious gospel and the principles of inner healing, many women experienced freedom, both spiritually and emotionally!

In addition to providing inner healing coaching, I am ecstatically married to Mr. Wonderful, aka Jim. Together we have a large family filled with awesome children and amazing grandchildren. I wholeheartedly value family and my many friendships because I recognize that it’s relationships that build a truly beautiful life. My unique loves are 1) Writing stories that inspire people to adore God. 2) Shiny, blingy chandeliers, the blingier the better! 3) Excellent, wholesome, yummy, and heart warming food!

At its epicenter I can say that my life’s core values are centered on Faith, Peace and Beauty.

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